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Advantages of A.I.D.I. Implants over others

  • Innovative, Efficient Designs: All of our products are designed with both dentists and, ultimately, patients needs in mind
  • Simple Procedures: The IDI System and our specialized techniques cut out unnecessary steps and lead to shorter chair times and less procedures.
  • Specialized features for higher success rates: Our patented features set the IDI System apart from the rest of the market leading to faster, better results.
  • Endomaxim Internal Connection Design®: increases stability of implant and abutment/screw interface ensuring hermetic sealing which also, largely reduces the chance of screw loosening.
  • Sinolift Implant Design®: This is the only dental implant on the market with the feature to simultaneously lift the maxillary sinus during placement, while also preserving and condensing the alveolar bone during insertion.
  • Apexlock®: Threaded tunnel in the apical portion allows osseointegration onto the inner surface of the implant to increase retention.
  • Ferroembrace®: provides a double finishing margin design that can improve aesthetics in case of implant exposure.
  • Tapered Design: creates the “wedge effect” increasing the initial stability of the implant
  • Drill Implant Design: Asymmetric cutting edges maximize bone preservation during placement and redesigned implant threads allow self drilling.

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