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Welcome to A.I.D.I. Biomedical

Everything we do here at A.I.D.I. Biomedical is designed with the patient in mind. Thanks to our innovative designs and techniques, we are proud to create the most beautiful smiles in less time.

Upgrade to comfort

In the past, people missing multiple teeth were forced to deal with dentures. The use of dentures is not only uncomfortable but over time dentures can change the shape of your face and your smile through bone loss. A.I.D.I. Biomedical provides a comfortable solution to replace dentures and give you a natural, working beautiful smile.

A.I.D.I. Biomedical has had an amazing success rate for its immediate implant placements. In this procedure, patients can enjoy a more immediate, cost-effective, and comfortable solution to dentures.

If you’re tired of wearing your dentures and deal with the messy unreliable denture adhesives, please visit one of our certified dentists to ask if you are a candidate for A.I.D.I. Biomedical dental implants. It's time for you to smile again!

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